Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is here!!

It's spring here on the farm and the beauty of the new green grass, Violets, Forsythia and Red buds is breath taking and uplifting. It's hard to concentrate on school when the weather beckons us to come play outside and explore. So- we have taken our books outside to read. I read to the them from our Read-Alouds and the little one gets to play on the play set while the older ones get to listen.
What's on our reading list? We are enjoying Jacks' Insects for our living nature book right now! Its an old book Charlotte Mason used in her schools in the early 1900's that has been brought back into print! Wonderful! For bible study we read from our Faith and Life book and have been reading The Restless Flam by Louis Wohl. A great novel about St. Augustine that all of us are enjoying. Who knew he was such a rascal?!!! For american history I read out of several books. Two are This Country of Ours, by Marshall- and From Sea to Shining Sea. Lastly is Swallows and Amazons for our literature. The boys narrate back outside and we have snacks on blankets and walk in the sunchine for our breaks. Then it's back inside for math and Main Lesson Book work with pictures, wirtten narrations and looking up what ever treasures we have found on our walks.
Today we have daddy home and have farm work to do. Time to get the Garden ready for planting. Get the Chicken house cleaned out and moving all that gold onto the garden along with compost from the compost pile. Lots of physical activity, but what a great day to be outside and enjoy being a family with some preparation for our 3 sisters garden and family garden. We have the privlege of having dear freinds join us in our garden this year. We look forward to sharing the bounty and the handwork with our friends The Stout's. I am looking forward to time in the garden and time with Carla knitting on the front porch and watching the littles play!

All Good Wishes!!

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