Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clean and Green

Today is a beautiful spring day and me and my boys are heading into downtown Charlotte for the annual Clean and Green Festival and CPCC. This my my Hubby's gig and he has been working hard to plan, set up and do all the little things to help it be a success.
I am looking forward to the organic gardening classes and handouts that will be there along with being able to buy some heirloom veggies, flowers and herbs to add to the gardens. Such great resources and kind people who grow their own food, homestead or make a local product to learn from!!
There are over 100 vendors promoting green products and Local Food awareness there. I am so thrilled that this has come to charlotte and to see so many local farm and homesteads join in to let us know where they are and what they are growing and selling. Honey, plants, beef, chicken, homebaked goods. It's like a local organic farmers market and living green expo all wrapped in one!!
If your in charlotte, some look for me in the gardening section or by the stage listening to my hubby play old time music at 10:00 am!!

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