Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowy days

This week has been a week full of snow and walks in the woods and cancelled work for daddy and therefore cancelled homeschool lessons at home. Instead we have been enjoying the beauty of the woods filled with fresh fallen snow. Hiking through the farm with each other and pointing out the treasures of a water fall moving through the ice, the places the creek has frozen and where it has not. Sledding down the big hill behind the barn and landing in the creek a few times, then coming in for Hot chocolate. Watching the birds at the bird feeder and seeing all the beautiful colors we have not noticed when the earth is green and brown instead of the pure white back ground of the snow!! We have filled our feeders and fed our chickens, played with the dogs, baked homemade cinnamin rolls and homemade chicken soup, and had a chance to connect leisurly in front of the fire!! Today it is raining and the snow is melting. It's gray outside and cold and not fun to be out in. 3 of us are sick with colds, but we are thankful for the quiet time of winter and the nice cozy fire and good books we can cuddle up with until the sun comes out tomorrow!!!