Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Water color Paintings

I love the Freedom in our Homeschool Journey that our boys can paint. Water color seems to be the medium that eli loves the best and Flowers from around our farm is the subject he chooses. It is so wonderful to hear him exclaim when he sees a beautiful flower " Mom, I HAVE to paint that!" Many mornings before breakfast he is sketching or painting. When he wants to take a break from studies, he chooses to paint, draw or read. The path of homeschooling has given him the time to follow this passion of his, and it is a wonderful joy to watch his talents and enthusiasm unfold. This year he entered one of his paintings into the Rowan county fair, and took second place.

My Benjamin loves flowers too! But he likes to arrange them. He chose to enter 2 flower arrangements in the fair. His mixed flower arrangement came in 1st and his rose arrangement took 2nd. How cool is it that Boys can be supported in there passion of appreciating flowers!!! I am so glad it has remained intact and can be expressed in their beautiful spirits!

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