Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Waken in me a Gratitude for My Life

Waken in me a Gratitude for My Life
Oh God, complete the work you have begun in me,
Release through me
a flow of mercy and gentleness that will bring
water where there is desert,
healing where there is hurt,
peace where there is violence,
beauty where there is ugliness,
justice where there is brokenness,
beginnings where there are dead-ends.
Waken in me
gratitude for my life,
love for every living thing,
joy in what is holy,
praise for you.
Renew my faith that your are God
beyond my grasp....but within my reach;
past my knowing....but within my searching.
O Keeper of Promises,
composer of grace
grant me
glee in my blood,
prayer in my heart,
trust at my core,
songs for my journey,
and a sense of your kingdom.
adapted from guerillas of grace by Ted Loder
I was so very fortunate to recieve this poem during my stay at the Well of Mercy. A big thank you to Sister Donna and Sister Bridget for sharing this with me.
I hope it fills your heart with joy and hope! All Good Wishes!

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